Day 1 with Surface Pro X

First lesson learned – do not install Malwarebytes on your Surface Pro X.

After setting up the new Surface pretty much the way I like it, I decided to get “clever” and install Malwarebytes as a supplemental anti-malware control. Big mistake.

Now I am not saying that there is anything wrong with Malwarebytes. I think it is a fine supplemental control that I routinely recommend to family and friends. But there is a big caveat now – never attempt to install on an ARM-based Win 10 device like this the Surface Pro X.

I think the culprit was the anti-rootkit component that Malwarebytes attempted to install – at least that was the last item referenced before I rebooted and never came back up again. The device was borked big time after I rebooted. I ended up having to do the full Windows 10 reset and had many anxious moments as I watched the restore/install progress percentages crawl by. Good grief.

But in the end, the device recovered completely albeit wiped clean. All my configurations, installations and downloaded Netflix videos were lost of course. Oh well, live and learn.

Perhaps by putting this out there on the web I can save someone from making the same mistake I made.

Never install Malwarebytes on a Surface Pro X – lesson learned.