Day 0 with Surface Pro X

Ok, I admit it – I am easily influenced. After only one day on Microsoft campus for a Customer Advisory Council, I broke down and purchased a Surface Pro X. Yes I have been hurt before by Windows on ARM by my beloved and very deficient Surface RT.  Surely, Microsoft would not let me down again right? Right.

So I broke down and purchased the baseline Surface Pro X device today at the Microsoft store on campus. Yes, I got a decent discount on the tablet. Yes, I got an even better discount on the keyboard and pen. But at the end of the day, it was the allure of a thin and light device capable of running full Office, PowerShell and Visual Studio Code with always on LTE connectivity that convinced me to buck up. Oh yeah, I also tested the performance of 4k YouTube video via MKBHD in the store – pretty sweet.

Will I ultimately regret this purchase? Perhaps. But perhaps not, if I limit my expectations to being able to run Office 365, Chromium Edge (Chredge), PowerShell and Python. I am fortunate enough to have other, bulkier and more powerful devices at my disposal for advanced computing needs. But when I am on the road, my application needs are limited and my demands are mostly around weight, connectivity and basic performance. I am hopeful that this Surface Pro X will tick all of those boxes.

Things I like so far are the very good keyboard with backlit keys – I am looking at you Apple “Smart” Keyboard – and the integrated pen.  Office 365 was pre-installed and I quickly added Edge Dev (Chromium) and some key extensions like 1Password, Ublock Origin and the OneNote Web Clipper.

My thoughts are that this will be my primary travel and commuting device. Instead of trying to make things work with an iPad Pro, my goal is to get full Windows performance and utility from this Surface Pro X. Only time will tell of course.